Bringing you the best design jobs in Tech

Design Jobs was built to give great design talent a better stage to showcase their work and find the latest design jobs in tech.

Our team at Magic Design has been active in the design ecosystem, where we've had the fortune to meet thousands of exceptional designers. While we can’t hire them all, we wanted to craft a way to continue to support their career growth - even if it’s not with us.

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Why the focus on tech?

It’s no secret that working in tech startups’ whether it’s early stage to growth is a unique experience. Every team, mission, and funding round brings its own focus and learning curve. This intersection is the sweet spot for rapid growth in design skillsets.

However, finding high-quality design roles in tech can be difficult. From crafting a portfolio to negotiating pay, the game is quite different. So not only do we want to make the search easier with sourcing roles but also offer insight into navigating this particular area of design jobs.

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