Senior UX/UI Designer (part-time)

Posted on: 
March 30, 2024

Job Opportunity: Senior UX/UI Designer at MVPR

Hi! 👋

We're MVPR. We help companies automate each step of a traditionally manual PR process, providing support and distribution for time-poor marketing teams.

We were recently named in Startup Magazine's 2024 Startup 100 list and won Martech Breakthrough "Best Overall Public Relations Software" 2023 Award.

Join our Team

We are looking for a Senior UX/UI Designer to join our team 2-3 days per week.

More concretely, we're seeking a versatile designer who has a deep understanding of UX/UI design, with the ability to drive improvements in our team's processes and product's overall look and feel. Here's what we'd expect from someone like you to be a good fit:

  • 📡 Good communication
  • Are you in the European timezone (+/-3hrs)?
  • Do you speak fluent (native-level) English?
  • Do you have previous experience working remotely?

  • 🧠 Solid UX/UI know-how
  • Do you have at least 10+ years of experience with UX/UI design?
  • Are you passionate about building intuitive user experiences and can guide a startup on maturing their product?
  • Are you comfortable with remote design tools to visualise and solve complex user problems?
  • Do you have experience with interviewing users and incorporating user feedback into the design process?
  • Do you have a profile on any popular portfolio app? (e.g. Dribbble, Behance)

Apart from the basic requirements, having a basic understanding of web technologies and experience with HTML, CSS and JS is going to give you an edge over other candidates.

  • 🤝 Your responsibilities
  • You help us mature the process for UI development in collaboration with the product and engineering team
  • You identify UX/UI issues in our app and provide guidance on prioritising the right items from the backlog
  • You help us develop a UI process that integrates seamlessly with the product team and current engineering processes

Tools and Workflow

Now let us give you some more context about our tools and how we work:

  • 📚 Our Stack
  • We use Shortcut for our bi-weekly Scrum sprints
  • We use Notion for documenting our work and knowledge sharing
  • We use Miro as our brainstorming and ideation tool
  • We use Figma for designing screens and components
  • For styling, we use Tailwind CSS & UI
  • Our app's frontend is powered by React

  • 🛠 Our approach
  • We are pragmatic about the UX/UI of our product and always look for the leanest approach first
  • We make sure that the processes we develop along the way gradually improve and scale
  • Everyone's opinion counts and is always respected while our users ultimately decide what the desired outcome should be

💰 What you get

  • We'll negotiate a daily rate based on your expectations and experience level
  • We'll negotiate an appropriate equity compensation (0.1 - 0.3%)
  • You can work a flexible timetable, as long as communication is smooth
  • A friendly, relaxed and supportive team with an open and positive attitude towards new team members
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